Frequently Asked Questions

What is BrainSparx?

BrainSparx was created by ‘Ant Webb -The Brain Whisperer’ as a reaction to the pandemic in March 2020. He was about to launch his methodology, ‘Brain Whispering’ in March 2020, as a resource for business owners and employers to help them with social responsibility to support their teams and employees. Using his own experiences in business and life, Ant brought a fresh and realistic approach to helping people be the best, that they want to be, though understanding ‘why they feel the way they do’ and what they can do about it.

Social distancing prevented the launch of face to face meetings and it became apparent that life as we know it, was going to change. Now more than ever, the human race was suffering unprecedented levels of stress and anxiety. The increased use of online communications opened up the opportunity for most of us to see a new normal. Dealing with these significant changes and restrictions creates anxiety in us all and it was decided to offer all the ‘Brain Whispering’ methods, knowledge and solutions direct to those who need help, without the long waiting lists for therapy or risks to personal safety. 

The BrainSparx platform has a library of easy to understand bitesize videos covering topics such as ‘why do you feel the way I feel’ through to ‘changing the way you feel’. It’s all about living a Happy and Fulfilled life and being aware of how to make it happen.

What is "Brain Whispering"?

Brain Whispering is a detailed process that uses scientifically proven processes to enable you to be aware of why you feel/think/do the things you do. It fires up the superpower of your unconscious mind to help you be the best you that you want to be. You are always in total control and what you want to achieve is entirely up to you. The foundation of ‘Brain Whispering’ is awareness of self and of others around you. From awareness you will be given the tools and processes to develop into the best you that you want to be. Brain Whispering was created by Ant Webb ‘The Brain Whisperer’. 

Brain Whispering is a totally new and unique approach using a blend of other therapies, including: Solution Focused Therapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Biology, Psychology, Epigenetics and Kinesiology.

Why should I use the BrainSparx platform?

Have you ever asked yourself... Why?; Why do I feel like this?; Why do other people do the things they do?; Why am I so stressed?; Why am so Anxious?; Why do I worry so much?; Why can’t I sleep?; Why am I angry?; Why do I feel depressed?; Why can’t I just be happy! 

Like most people, we hear ourselves asking ‘Why’ for many reasons. If you’re searching for a 'why' in your life, then BrainSparx is for you. BrainSparx will show you through awareness, why we do/feel/think the things we do and most importantly, what we can do about it.

Who is it for?

The Brainsparx platform has been specifically designed and built for anyone to access, anytime, anyplace, anywhere and on most digital devices. It has been tailored to meet the normal day to day realities of life for all of us coping with stress, life pressure and trying to adapt to the constant wave of change.

What should BrainSparx NOT be used for?

We accept that BrainSparx may not be for everyone. If you’re struggling with clinical mental health challenges, we always recommend that you contact your local GP, 111 or other support team that you may have for help.

How do I sign up?

It’s our mission to help as many people as possible to have access to the resources we offer. There are a number of pricing options, starting from just £1 as a taster to get a feeling of what we’re all about. There no commitment to sign up for more, but if you do, then there’s a plan for you, either, PAYG, Monthly, Yearly or as a Life Member. Click here for pricing