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As a BrainSparx Business Mindset Practitioner, you will receive comprehensive training and support to assist entrepreneurs in developing a resilient mindset.

Armed with experience as ex-business owners, our practitioners are uniquely qualified to understand the challenges entrepreneurs face.

You’ll be equipped to deliver Switched-on-Thinking® workshops, plan and deliver impactful talks at events, and work with business owners on a one-on-one basis.

Benefits of Joining Brainsparx

When you become a Brainsparx Business Mindset Practitioner, you’ll have access to a range of benefits that set you up for success:

Comprehensive Training

We provide face-to-face training at our state-of-the-art offices in Kent, ensuring you gain the knowledge and skills necessary to make a difference.

Defined Territory

You’ll have a clearly defined territory and business sector, helping you focus your efforts and reach out to those who need your support the most.


Business Management Qualification

As a practitioner, you will receive training and be awarded an MBA in Business Management, with opportunities to expand your academic qualifications to a PhD level.

Centralized Support

Brainsparx offers a centralized lead generation, lead management system (CRM), PR, and marketing materials, making it easier for you to focus on helping entrepreneurs.

Income and Financial Support

With a charging rate of £175 per hour and access to a government funding partner to support struggling business owners, you can build a rewarding income stream while making a positive impact.

Purpose-Driven Business

By helping entrepreneurs overcome challenges and thrive, you’ll contribute to creating a more resilient economy, fostering job stability and satisfaction within your community.

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By joining Brainsparx, you become part of a meaningful movement to support small business owners and entrepreneurs in their journey towards success. You’ll be equipped to make a real difference in their lives by offering crucial mental and emotional support.

Together, we can redefine failure, nurture resilience, and help entrepreneurs build successful businesses while maintaining their well-being. Join us in creating a brighter future for small business owners, their families, and the communities they serve.

Take the first step on your path to business mindset success with Brainsparx. Contact us now to learn more about this unique franchise opportunity and how you can make a lasting impact on the lives of entrepreneurs across the UK.

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